Australasia's Fastest WordPress Hosting

With The Worlds Leading Drag & Drop Editor

With the latest technology that no other Australasian WordPress hosting providers are offering, we can serve your websites faster than ever around the globe, meaning higher conversion rates and more money in your pocket.


Per year (NZD)

If we cannot at least half your current WordPress load time we’ll give you 50% off.

  • Super fast & secure solid state servers
  • Global content delivery network (CDN)
  • SSL security certificate
  • 100% website uptime
  • Daily backups
  • Unlimited traffic & storage
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Priority support
  • Website analytics
  • Free WordPress migration

Learn more about the features and why your site needs them

Super fast & secure solid state servers

Our servers use the latest and fastest technology to provide the best experience for your website visitors. We also make sure everything is super secure, so you data is safe.

Global content delivery network

Using servers all over the globe, your site can now load as fast for someone in New Zealand as it will for someone in Ireland. Studies have consistently shown that fast page speeds will result in a better conversion rate & profit.

SSL security certificate

You want customers to trust you. Browsers now warn users if a site is not https:// with a valid security certificate. This will turn people away. Also Google ranks secure sites higher than others.

100% website uptime

With multiple servers all over the world, if one goes down, your website traffic will be routed to the next closest server with a cached version of the site.

Daily backups

If your username or password is ever in the wrong hands and they login and delete your site, you can have it restored in no time at all. Or maybe you just make a big bobo, just restore a previous version instantly.

Unlimited traffic and storage

What’s the point of have limited anything in life? Don’t worry that your awesome marketing efforts are driving to many people to the website any longer. Store as much website related content as you need.

Unlimited email accounts

Get all the email accounts, grouped or forwarding accounts using your domain name your heart desires.

Priority email support

Got a question? Send it though and get a reply or solution quick snap. Need some extra development? Send that through too and receive a quote back for the work.

Website analytics

Know how many people visit the site, return to the site, where they come from and way more.

Free WordPress migration

Have your current WordPress site moved for free with no down time.

Choose your option

Speed Up Your Current WordPress Site

We’ll move your current WordPress site onto our super fast servers with no down time

Create A New WordPress Site

We’ll set you up a new super fast site with the worlds leading drag and drop editor and video tutorials, so you can design the site yourself

Let Us Design & Build The Best Site For You

With over 14 years in the digital website and marketing industry we can design and build you a site that archives your business goals

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The worlds leading drag and drop editor

Easily Customise Every Part of Your Website

Design Popups​

Easily Customise Every Part of Your Website

Do you need a hand in the right direction?

The worlds leading drag and drop editor

Easily Customise Every Part of Your Website

Design Popups​

Easily Customise Every Part of Your Website