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The Fastest WordPress Hosting Companies

Looking for the fastest WordPress hosting provider to power up your website? If so, you have visited the right place. Most of you probably know that Google ranks those sites with minimal loading time higher as it retains your potential visitors on the website.

fastest wordpress hosting

So, if you want your visitors to be happy, you need to take care of various factors to optimize your WordPress site to load faster than other relevant websites available on the search results. 

Remember, one of the major factors that determine the loading speed of your website is the hosting provider, and it becomes necessary for you to use a WordPress hosting provider that offers top-notch services to improve your visibility and loading speed on the internet. 

So, we have shared a list of the top best WordPress hosting companies that would match your budget and optimize your site’s loading speed. 

Cloudways is one of the best managed hosting companies that allows you to select from a variety of cloud VPS providers. It includes Google Cloud, Linode, Amazon web services, Vultr, and DigitalOcean. 

The best thing is that it will offer the fastest hosting services over the internet no matter what hosting provider you use. However, Cloudways is a little complicated compared to other WordPress hosting providers. It still allows people with no prior coding knowledge to handle and customize their site according to their requirements. 


  • - Free/one-click SSL certificates. 
  • - Offers automatic backups. 
  • - One-click staging sites. 
  • - Easy to install WordPress. 
  • - Available at an affordable price. 
  • - Offer different could VPS providers. 


  • - It isn't very easy for beginners. 

premium wordpress hosting

  • 2 - WPX Hosting 

When hosting multiple WordPress sites, you need a host that enables you to manage a number of sites under a single platform. WPX hosting is the company you are looking for. The best thing is that you can even host multiple websites using a basic plan (up to five). Plus, everything is priced lower than other hosting providers. Data shows that they don’t lack performance while hosting your sites. 


  • - Staging sites of easy setup. 
  • - Free malware scans and removal if anything comes up. 
  • - One-click/free SSL certificates.
  • - Data centers in Australia, the UK, and the USA. 
  • - Automatic backups.


  • - The security score could be better. 
  • 3 - Kinsta 

Kinsta is among the top leading WordPress hosts in the world that manage different sites through Google Cloud and enables you to host your website on the internet. Kinsta also uses its optimized tech combined with Nginx, Fast_CGI for server-level caching and other improvements. Plus, you will get the best-looking hosting dashboard for managing and optimizing your site. 


  • - Provides premium DNS services and a CDN. 
  • - Automatic daily backups. 
  • - Malware/Firewall scans. 
  • - One-click installation and free SSL certificate.
  • - A hack-fix guarantee if anything goes sideways. 


  • - SSL security is not up to the mark. 

Now that you know about the Fastest WordPress Hosting companies to look for, it’s time for you to make a choice and boost up the loading speed for your WordPress site.

premium wordpress hosting